Wellness, Wining and Dining Leading Motivators for Peru Private Vacations

Peru is a great country for whatever reason you want to do, whether it is for experiences, adventure, culture, history, gastronomy, relaxation or any other.  Peru is here for whatever you want because it has everything you could wish for and more.

It is a highly recommended country to have strange encounters such as the enigmatic Nazca lines and enjoy the sea life in the Paracas National Reserve. You can also find large and deep navigable lakes such as Lake Titicaca. Deep canyons like the Colca Canyon.  Wonderful and magical places full of Inca history such as the city of Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and the seventh wonder of the modern world, Machu Picchu. As you can see, Peru has it all.

On the other hand, if you are looking for Wellness, Wining and Dining Leading Motivators for Peru Private Vacations, you are in the correct place

What are they saying about it around the world?

Luxury Travel Advisors says: Regardless of where people are traveling, it’s all about the experiences. According to research shared at the recent Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas, travelers are seeking out activities that require more mental and physical exertion, while another swath of high-net-worth travelers are doing so for cultural reasons. It should come as no surprise, then, to learn that food and wine as well as wellness are primary motivators for travel.

There has been a large increase in culinary travel, most travels book trips with food and wine specifically as the focus. Passengers are willing to pay lot of money to live dining and wining experiences in the middle and deluxe segments

The top destinations for food and wine travel, Virtuoso reports, are Italy, France and Mexico. Both ocean and river cruising were also listed among the top places to dine (ranking No. 2 overall).

Some statistics

Most of these travelers are couples (87 percent) but can also be groups of friends (57 percent) or small groups (37 percent). Older generations are more likely to favor these types of trips, with 70 percent of Baby Boomers rating food and wine travel highly, followed by 64 percent of Gen Xers. Millennials, at 46 percent, and Gen Z, at 17 percent, trailed.

How is in Peru

As for Peru, and specially because of our incredible variety of vegetables and tubers that we have from different countries and from the region, together with the proteins that we have, have developed a great variety of foods that have been known all over the world for a long time.

Lot of years ago, one of the country’s most renowned chefs, Mr. Gaston Acurio began to give value to Peruvian vegetables and help farmers to give true value to their products.  Mr. Acurio created some restaurants and gave a lot of work to young people coming out of the few cooking schools that existed at that time and at the same time trained new cooks.  Over time, many gastronomic schools have been created where even young people from other countries come to study.  So, time went by and little by little, this country has gained an incredible fame of having the best cooks in the world.

What is said about Peru?

The search for wellness in the past few years, Peru has been firmly placed on the culinary map thanks to very different chefs and restaurants.  But as our attention turns away from our stomachs to focus on our health, Peru is emerging as one of the newest Wellness Destinations mention Inkaterra

Firstly, this is thanks to the prime location. Machu Picchu is a sacred destination for the ancient Incas, who regarded it as a spiritual, almost mythical place. High up in the Andes, the altitude has a positive effect on your health, with the frequency of obesity, diabetes and coronary artery disease being drastically reduced.

Wellness is not just about exercise, but about nutrition too. Peru is also home to some of the newest ‘super foods’ – heralded to be the perfect complement to any diet. Maca is a native Peruvian plant that grows high in the Andes. Though not much to look at, resembling a small, rough stone, Maca is packed full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals which help to increase energy, reduce stress and create an overall revitalizing effect

Many high-level hotels have created special environments of comfort for their passengers to find great well-being with different relaxing practices that are a pleasure to experience.  They have also created incredible spas with lots of plans for relaxation and wellness that are also the pleasure of their clients.

All this, mixed with the great variety of tours that can be done in this amazing country, is the pleasure of its visitors and as you can see, Peru is not only Machu Picchu 


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