The Best Amazon Cruises in Peru for this 2024


As we always say, Peru has so much, that knowing all the country is a long and charming feat.  Peru has coastal cities, the capital of the country, Lima, is located on the edge of the Pacific Ocean with lots of things to do and see and of course, to eat, and it is one of the very best cuisines in the world.  Peru has also a great Andean culture and history with beautiful cities that have incredible archaeology and wonderful and transcendental tourist icons such as the seventh wonder of the modern world, Machu Picchu.

But let’s concentrate on the Peruvian jungle

The Peruvian Amazon is the second-largest expanse of the Amazon, after the Brazilian. It covers nearly 60% of Peru’s landscape and is the life force for everything around it, including 12,810 species. These forests are home to hundreds of Indigenous communities, who rely solely on this land to survive

The Peruvian Amazon jungle is one of the most biologically diverse areas on Earth. As a nation, Peru has the largest number of bird species in the world and the third-largest number of mammals; 44% of bird species and 63% of mammal species inhabit the Peruvian Amazon.

Cruises in the Peruvian Amazon


There is no better way to experience the Amazon River than by lodging directly upon its waters. Embark on a journey through the biodiverse Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, launching from Iquitos via the comfortable and Amazon River luxury cruises that are offered.

A great news is the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest is a year-round destination, with different departure dates for each cruise trip. Travelers only need to take the wet and the dry season into consideration when traveling to the Amazon. There is a 23 ft difference in water level between these two seasons, so river cruise itineraries will slightly vary and different animals can be spotted in each season. Humidity stays steady at around 80% throughout the year and temperatures range from 71F to 89F.

Different Amazon Cruises for this 2024

Aqua Expeditions Co.

The Aqua Nera

As per the same company says: Embrace distinctive Amazon style and luxury aboard our brand-new river cruise ship

Setting a new standard for luxury river cruising on the Amazon, Aqua Nera draws design inspiration from the Peruvian Amazon’s mystical black water lagoons and bears the hallmarks of contemporary style and generous interiors that Aqua Expeditions cruise ships are known for.

Aboard the Aqua Nera, award-winning architects Noor Design crafts every space to perfection. The vessel’s 20 spacious Design Suites convey a sense of Amazon tranquility, while the social spaces showcase refined elegance with a touch of drama. Tastefully woven into the design are accents and details from the rubber boom era and the colorful cultures of Portugal, Spain and Peru.

The cruise features cuisine by Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of Peru’s finest chefs who is celebrated for creating refined cuisine from native Amazonian produce. Every day, expert naturalist guides conduct small-group excursions that reward guests with up-close wildlife encounters in the world’s most biodiverse rainforest.

The Aria Amazon

Embark on the classic Peruvian Amazon expedition aboard the award-winning Aria Amazon – sister ship to of-the-art Aqua Nera.

Designed by innovative architect Jordi Puig, Aria Amazon is a river cruise ship that is custom-built to explore the Peruvian Amazon and the famed Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve in absolute comfort and luxury — with minimal impact to the delicate Amazon River and rainforest environment.

 On board, 16 suites with floor-to-ceiling windows give guests a full view of the Amazon’s majestic river and rainforests. The top deck features amenities including a jacuzzi, indoor lounge and bar, and an outdoor observation deck. In the dining room, guests also savor the best of Peruvian cuisine with a comprehensive dining menu created by Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of Peru’s most accomplished chefs known for using produce and ingredients from the Peruvian Amazon.

Delfin Amazon Cruises

The Delfin I

Spacious Yet Intimate.  Delfin I, takes you one step beyond in terms of service, intimacy and personal attention. This classic river cruise features 4 oversized suites, all with private panoramic terraces, 2 of which offer a private whirlpool for the ultimate treat. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow nature to be part of the natural suite décor, and cabin service 3 times a day will ensure you the most personalized experience. On the top deck, guests will find a lounge area, bar and entertainment center which are perfect places to relax in while the jungle unfolds before your eyes.

The Delfin II

Casual Sophistication at its Best. The 14 cabins of Delfin II include 4 Master Suites with 180° panoramic windows and 10 Suites, including 2 sets of Suites that can be interconnected to accommodate families. With movie screen size windows and first-rate design, they offer both elegance and comfort while sailing through the Amazon region. An array of spaces, including the dining room, an observation deck and lounge, a bar, an entertainment center, and a lecture room, among others, provide ideal gathering places for all guests.

The Delfin III

The Delfin III offers 22 suites with the highest levels of comfort for up to 44 passengers, making it the largest cruise. On the first deck, there are 9 Suites complete with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows as well as 2 spacious Corner Suites facing the front of the ship. The second deck is composed of 10 Upper Suites and the largest of all, the Owner’s Suite. The top deck features beautiful indoor and outdoor lounge areas, a sundeck with plunge pool, a spa and gym, and of course the bar.

Jungle experiences River Cruises Co.

The Zafiro Amazon Cruise

Every voyage aboard Zafiro offers a unique experience, a customized journey into the incredibly diverse Amazon rainforest. With 19 suites aboard offer panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling windows and private decks, as well as comfy nights in twin or California king beds.

There are 8 lower deck and 8 upper deck- Spacious and elegant, with wall windows for privileged views, the lower deck suites are abounded with amenities. From their orthopedic beds and safety deposit boxes, to their refreshing drink-stocked minifridges and writing desks from which to jot down your Amazon diary, your stay is sure to be relaxing and comfortable. There are incredible suites in both decks

The La Perla Experience

All passengers are first transported to the ship via small skiff boats and then are welcomed with traditional music. With a limited number of cabins that are all air-conditioned and a capacity size of 30 passengers, the La Perla cruise is the perfect choice for travelers looking for an intimate and personalized experience. The lower deck dining room and kitchen takes travelers on a culinary adventure with native flavors and contemporary specialties. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served buffet style and can accommodate for any special diets when notified in advance. The observation deck invites guests to relax on the ship’s hammocks or outdoor lounge after a long day of exploring. No matter where, this Amazon cruise gives travelers the opportunity to unwind and breathe any type of stress away.



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