Peru is a beautiful country that despite having great archaeological monuments, history, and a very impressive culture; at the same time, it suffers from many deficiencies and poverty in many people, especially among native communities

The Andean communities and because they are always in the heights have not been helped by the state; what’s more, they have almost always forgotten them. Luckily and to date, they are mostly healthy people since their diet is natural products and of the earth, which contributes to their survival; however, they always have great needs

Precisely and due to our magnitude of hiking operation, the company has a lot of contact with the Andean communities.  Since our beginning, our main mission has been to attend, help and collaborate with our camp staff and nothing is more rewarding and that brings us incredible satisfaction as is giving and sharing.

Before pandemic time, we used to know about the families’ customs; we used to train them and attend to them in all their needs.  At least twice a year we used to go to the communities to help them in their knowledge of emergencies. We took with us doctors, firefighters, and security personnel who taught them different methods of assistance.

Also, we used to visit the communities two to three times a year in order to celebrate with them the National holidays as well as the Christmas time and any other special date.  On all these occasions, we brought them almost all that they needed as food, medicines, care kits, and gifts for the children.  Especially at Christmas time, we took with us also a Papa Noel and all our staff dressed up as goblins and we share chocolate with milk, sweet bread and a special sweet cupcake made in Peru but originally from Italy called Paneton and we share all with all the children and parents with special Christmas songs and dances

Last year, during the strongest of the pandemic and with the desire to continue helping our community members, we turned to our clients to obtain some resources to be able to help these needy people, since all that time they were without work.  We did have a great reception from many of them and we were able to raise funds to help them at a time when there was no type of work.

This year we are more than happy to know that we will back to their places bringing again gifts for the children as well as some Christmas food and celebrating with them as much as possible so that they have a grain of sand in their needs; as past years we are doing again what we love, to visit them, to know about their lives and to share precious moments that will remain in our hearts and above all that they know that they count on us

And in the future, and hoping this horrible virus disappears, we intend to continue fighting with them for their general well-being, helping them with their needs, and providing them with work that we know will help them support their family every day and be able to move forward.

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