What makes us different

What makes us different?

View Peru & Signatures is proud to be already 10 years in the market with a very high standard of services and with great satisfaction from our customers and the best comments; and this is because since our beginning we did take care of the to train all our office and field staff to know from the base, all the standards that must be followed in each communication with the passenger, follow-up until the purchase is made. Following the services from their arrival and every detail that we must apply up their departure

Our very special tailor-made programs, offer such in Peru as Bolivia and Ecuador, that we offer according to each personality and desires that the passenger has are designs very carefully without neglecting any wishes of the client and always suggesting what is most convenient for him

Being pioneers in high-end trekking and having to follow many quality standards and protocols; the level of our staff is highly knowledgeable about the product; with a superior level of English and great professionalism, for which the measurement made by the passengers of the quality / price ratio is very accepted

Also, when we go on walks, we are careful with the field staff that are not part of our own internal staff, that although some other agencies also hire them as porters, we give them an excellent treatment with a fair salary, on many occasions, well above average

In what also lies our big difference? In the attention we pay to the acquisition of supplies when we go on treks. In the case of hotels, our operations department verifies the type of room that is being assigned and the meals that have been requested days before. What we pay the most attention to is that the meals must be of a gourmet level, therefore the ingredients must be of the highest quality.

All our tours are offered in private service, that is, with a special transport as well as a private professional guide and his crew. From the beginning of the communication with the passenger, every detail is carefully prepared. The coordination goes from the internal staff with the actual communications, continuing with the hotels (chosen according to the preferences of the passengers); carefully selected transports; the supplies that will be used in the meals both in the hotels and in the walks that must end in the presentation of gourmet meals by a great chef and his team; as well as the human team that will accompany the passengers throughout their stay. Everything, everything is scrupulously cared for; that makes us different

Also, is very important to know that out operation is absolutely responsible; that means, we ensure all operations are carried on in an appropriate way, taking care of our passengers and taking into account the effects it may have on the environment; also, responsible means for us, that requires the best operation, the best hotels and that tourists take responsibility and take action to make tourism more sustainable
For us, luxury travel is associated with exclusive and unique experiences, as well as more personalized services. When making a purchase, our high-level travelers first choose the destination and then an appropriate travel agency; preferably exclusive boutique hotels followed by international hotels, the best tours with very different experiences and so

Other difference in us, is that in our personalized service we provide customer experiences that are tailored to their individual needs and preferences. With this personalization our customers feel more valued, which inspires greater brand loyalty. The purpose of our personalization is improving the customer’s experience and answering his needs more effectively and in a shorter time. It is tailoring our offer to our individual customers. We do understand their unique tastes and preferences and engage them as individuals rather than customer types or segments.