Which Books to Read before traveling to Peru?

Peru has so many amazing places to visit that it is a very, very important, before travelling to Peru, to read very carefully the following information

And the fact is that Peru has so much.  The country is divided into three geographic regions, differentiated by their climate and vegetation, which in order from west to east starting from the Pacific Ocean are the Coast, the Highlands and the Jungle

How are the regions?

The Pacific coastal region is a narrow strip that runs from one end of the country to the other (a distance of some 2,200km/1,400 miles) and is almost entirely desert. Lima, the capital, lies about halfway down the coast. To the south, in one of the driest areas on earth, are Pisco, Ica, and Nasca, the cradle of several of Peru’s most important ancient civilizations, as well as the famously mysterious Nasca Lines and the Ballestas Islands

Cusco: The dramatic Andes mountains in south-central Peru contain the country’s most famous sights, including the former Inca capital of Cusco and scenic highland villages that run the length of the beautiful Sacred Valley. The valley is dotted with singularly impressive Inca ruins, of which Machu Picchu (and the Inca Trail leading to it) is undoubtedly the star

Do you need a travel guide to travel to Peru?

First of all, we do think that it is a must to have professional orientation for your trip.  If you enjoy exploring but feel that you need the comfort and expertise of a guide to lead you through our amazing Peruvian culture, try to adding a guided trip through the best tour operator

To buy a day trip to Machu Picchu, entrances, train tickets and so on, is not easy if you do not have professional assistance. All the more reason if you want to enter the mountain of Huayna Picchu, you have to do it well in advance as well as to the citadel, otherwise, you will not find space since the number of visitors per day is limited.


So, here you can find several Travel Guides to read before your trip

Routard, Lonely Planet, Petit fute, National Geographic and Nelles. But, in addition to any suggestion that the great tourist guides may make, you cannot miss the impressive Peruvian food, awarded worldwide.

The Lonely Planet travel guide suggests. – Exploring Peru is a real adventure and worth every minute of extra planning. Traveling to lesser-known pre-Incan archaeological sites, lush jungles and tranquil beaches almost always requires a bit of land transport in Peru. With the Andes, the Amazon rainforest and an epic coastline, Peru is a wonderland for adventurers

Lonely planet suggests 10 of the best things to do in Peru to join the adventure

–      Hike the Inca Trail – This is a must and with View Peru & Signatures, much better

–      Spend a night on an island in Lake Titicaca

–      Kayak through the Amazon rainforest

–      Trek the Andes in the north of Peru

–      Look for wildlife on Islas Ballestas

–      Descend into the majestic Colca Canyon

–      Go surfing along the north coast

–      Visit the mysterious ruins of Kuelap

–      Board down the giant sand dunes of Huacachina

–      Soar over the ancient Nazca Lines

National Geographic suggest: The Top 5 places to visit in Peru



The Sacred Valley of the Incas

Machu Picchu

The Amazon

Routard guide suggests. –

Admire the most beautiful ceramics and gold jewelry pre-Incas civilizations at the Larco de Lima Museum. Discover, in the early morning, the ruins of Machu Picchu. Attend the magic of sunrise on the blue waters of the Titicaca

Nells travel guide suggests. –

The “What to See & Do” section covers everything from sightseeing, driving tours and adventurous excursions, museums and galleries

Get in the Peru with View Peru & Signatures and you will know the real understated luxury means


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