Advantages to take a Private Inca Trail Tour

It is very well known that Peru has so much places to visit and to enjoy, but knowing Cusco will be memorable for reminders


Cusco (also Cusco or Qosqo) was the religious and administrative capital of the Inca Empire that flourished in ancient Peru between c. 1400 and 1534. The Incas controlled the territory from Quito to Santiago, making their empire the largest ever seen in the Americas and the largest in the world at the time.

Everywhere you look, Cusco has so many places to see and know, starting from its very city, capital of the Inca Empire. Breathing the Cusquenian air is already an accomplishment. You will not lose time in visiting the majestic churches, important museums, cobblestone streets, a stroll through the Plaza de Armas, bohemian neighborhoods with the largest variety of illustrious artisans, hidden corners, restaurants, bars without missing the archaeological monuments on the outskirts of Cusco.

Road to the Sacred Valley of the Incas

In this road, you will find incredible small towns with deep histories, and attractions of each village hidden among the hills with unique different histories and experiences. It is not possible to miss the Sacred Valley, which is definitely the route to the citadel of Machu Picchu.


And what advantages do you take on a Private Inca Trail?

Without any doubt, everything is very different from the absolutely personalized treatment, accompaniment, the most personalized service, great details and much more. You can be sure, that trekkings are our specialty as we4 are the best in the country recognized by international travel companies

What team will you have for the route?

This is one of our very best differences between us and the other tour operator.  Our staff have been selected since our beginning taking care of the abilities of each one taking note of their knowledge and professional training. Of course, all of them are English speaking persons in a very neat and exquisite way in order to serve you in the best way, as only we know how to do it. In his position, he performs his job in a very professional manner.

Team members

According to the above, each one has a fix responsibility with knowledge very appropriate to their position and making an excellent complement to all other members

Our guides & camp coordinators

Our company is proud of our staff members, since our beginning we have had a scrupulous selection of the most correct, responsible and experienced professionals and that is the team that will accompany you in the tour


Among our deep selection of our main staff, the chefs are some of the most important since they are in charge of the meals that we are going to offer them.  They have in charge to select and choose the correct meals depending your wishes and indications of your restrictions

Auxiliary and other staff

In our team staff we do include a group of auxiliar persons that do different tasks such as those in charge of massages, tents, bathrooms, load the briefcases and all the equipment and other activities in the camps.

Route at your pace and speed

When you have a private tour, our guides take into account whether you are experienced or not; your walking times and perfectly suits your pace; it will never rush you, but rather, it will help you all the way.

Camp equipment

View Peru & Signatures is that kind of operator that always is looking to be better, we innovate all the time.  Our tends have the highest quality in operation, there will be no equipment that can leak cold or water if it is the rainy season.  Lately, we have acquired a complete state of the art equipment.

You just have to enjoy, we take care of the rest


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