Flexible Travel Bookings during COVID-19

We would love to share our new policies for you to enjoy this new stage of traveling.



New travelling styles demand more flexible policies without extra costs or penalties in order to change your original itinerary. View Peru has set a new policy for you, so you and your travel companion can change your plans within 30 days with no loss of the booking deposit.


Canceling your trip before 40 days from your travel date will let you receive the 95% of your booking deposit as a refund. In addition, if you are not able to travel due to the COVID-19, you can choose another suitable date subject to availability and seasonality with no extra charge.

Providers expenses can be refunded according to the vendor´s policy (this includes international and domestic flights and cruises). We have secured assurances from our providers in order to let you rebook your trip for a future date with no extra payment. In case this is not possible, we will strive to recover your money with no guarantees. Contact us for further information.

Cancellations within 30 days of traveling cannot be refunded, however, the trip can be deferred. Extra charges may apply due to the provider’s policies.


To provide security to the travelers and our company, we appreciate the full payment 40 days or more before your travel date. Securing your trip is possible with this kind action from yours.
Extra flexibility can be admitted in the Christmas and New Year season or the private charter service. Contact us in case this applies to your itinerary.


Very few insurance companies cover cancellation unless you become ill due to COVID-19. Due to current travel restrictions, we strongly recommend purchasing cancellation insurance before traveling. This way, you will be protected when anybody in your group tests positive when cancellation penalties apply or take the PCR test 72 hours before departure.



You will have an English-speaking medical crew to assist you before or during your days in our destinations. Any health-related doubt can be securely solved to provide you the right information.


Safety is one of the core values when designing an itinerary because we care about our customers. Our transportation and tour guiding staff will help you to easily follow all the sanitary regulations in Peru. They will take you through less crowded places, fully implemented accommodation, and more.


During your stay in any of our destinations, you will be surprised by the sanitary and hospitality standards of View Peru. Forget about any worries and be welcomed with a cozy ambiance in hotels, vehicles, attractions, and stores.
Which is the accommodation that suits you the best? Ask our Travel Design members what your dream trip looks like.


Our drivers are tested for COVID-19 on a regular basis in order to maintain security in each of our journeys. Additional security items are also worn by all the staff members who take you from your hotel to all our attractions and vice versa.


The tour guiding staff is also regularly tested for COVID-19 to ensure the security of the experience. Our efforts to protect you and your travel companion include keeping social distance in treks and visits to communities, private transportation to avoid crowded vehicles and providing sanitary protection gear to all our staff and customers.