Norms and responsibilities to covid 19


and new bookings

Nothing is more important in these times than live according to changes that there is each moment everywhere
In that sense, View Peru & Signatures has developed many protocols besides the ones given by our government authorities. We have analyzed each detail of our operation in order not to miss anything.

Our commitment with you is to inform you of the so many new details and protocols we have implemented, you can find. –

– Flexibility in dates changes
– Support with any doubt you may have
– Immediate information of new rules that our government gives
– Creation of new outdoors programs
– Alliances with suppliers that have our same objectives and responsibilities


Office and camp staff

– We have established mandatory processes and protocols for all team members
– It is Mandatory, that all the Staff contracted by View Peru & Signatures has to be vaccinated before starting functions.
– Guides and coordinators are responsible for you once you arrive in Peru; they will inform you of the last changes if there were and about all the protocols you will have to follow.
– Workers, before the start of each service, must present in the office a sworn declaration of health status as a mandatory control measure. The same procedure must be requested from the workers of outsourced companies.
– Daily delivery of all protection needs such as masks, alcohol, face shield, sanitizer; etc. for passengers and staff.
– The staff has the instructions to execute all the established norms and protocols.
– Definition of the social bubbles of your entire journey so that we are not in crowded places
– Take daily temperature and as many times as necessary both in the office and in the city and camp
– Isolation and evacuation measures if necessary

For you

In your arrival and complete program

– Before starting the service, passengers must complete an Affidavit of knowledge of the camp´s operational guidelines and a commitment to comply with them and another Affidavit with information about their state of health, symptoms, etc.
– Before the trip, it is mandatory for a passenger to provide their travel insurance information
– Delivery of a mask, face shield, sanitizer; all personal protection elements
– Detailed explanation of all our protocols, methods, and operation
– It is mandatory for the guide to take your temperature each day and as many times as necessary
– Your guide and all the staff will be at your disposal during all your stay with us
– Passengers and the guide will be together in a social bubble; no one will be close to passengers except at meals time, the waiters, and your therapist at yoga and massage sessions
– Guarantee of cleaning, disinfection and ventilation on all the camp (bedroom, dining room, spa, bathrooms, shower, kitchen, guide tent, porter tent, etc.), as well as objects that are in constant contact with the hands
– Passengers are not permitted walk unnecessarily through the public areas and campsites of others
– The last day of the tour, the guide will take your temperature again to give the last information of your health to the office

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