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Trujillo, Peru’s Elegant Coastal City, and the Wonders Nearby

Trujillo, Peru’s Elegant Coastal City, and the Wonders Nearby 

Peru is often known as a great destination for the most adventurous among us, whether your braving the darkest regions of the Peruvian Amazon, or exploring the many archaeological sites left by the Inca Empire.  However, there are those among us, who are looking to just enjoy the local scenery as we take in the rich culture of the region, without the need to rest our aching muscles several times per day.  In this article we will be exploring the city of Trujillo and its surrounding destinations, as well as sampling the local cuisine and taking in the views of the beautiful colonial architecture. 

Plaza de Armas

As one of the most magnificent main squares found in any city in Peru, its no wonder that Trujillo’s Plaza de Armas is one the most popular attractions around.  This huge public area is surrounded by many colonial-era buildings and a speckling of palm trees that make for a very picturesque local.  Located at the center, is The Freedom Monument, this incredible work of art was sculpted by the famous artist Edmund Moeller to celebrate Trujillo’s independence, and took over 4 years to complete. 

Local Cuisine

From the great selection of seafood due to Trujillo’s proximity to the coast, to the local farms offering high quality produce and meat, its no wonder that this quiet city is known for its cuisine.  From affordable restaurants like Sal y Pimienta that offers local favorites such as duck or goat, to top tier steakhouses such as El Cuatrero where you can spend an elegant evening enjoying a tender and delicious meal paired with the perfect bottle of wine.  You can also find many local restaurants offering simple cheap eats with chicken and rice as the staple.  

Huanchaco Beach

Head just outside the city as you make your way to the coasts of the Pacific Ocean.  Famous for its great surf and soft sands where you can spend the day under the sun enjoying a good book or sampling some beach-side Ceviche.  Here you can take in the incredible views as you stand at the end of the pier, or head a short distance away and attempt to surf one of the worlds longest waves, however you choose to spend your day at the beach, your sure to leave with a few good memories and a bit of a tan. 

Local Archaeological Sites

You won’t find any multi-day treks through the jungle here, or train ride destinations through the mountains, but there are plenty of ancient sites nearby to please the adventurers among us.  Take a 15min ride to two of the most popular sites around, as you make your way towards Huaca del Sol, the Sun Temple, and Huada de la Luna, the Moon Temple.  Take a step back in time as you explore these ancient ceremonial sites once utilized by the Moche civilization, a people known for the artistic ability and advanced methods of metal-crafting.  Here you will also find the Museo Huacas del Moche, a museum only a short walk from the ruins featuring incredible collections of ancient artifacts and pottery used by the Moche people. 

Trujillo is a beautiful city offering much to see and do, from its tasty restaurants and local colonial architecture, to its sandy beaches and ancient works of wonder, your time spent exploring the area is sure to be a peaceful yet memorable experience.

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