Top 10 Restaurants Throughout the “Cities of Peru”

​Whether you travel for the heart pumping adrenaline-fueled extreme adventure activities, the rich immersion in the culture of the friendly local people, or the feeling of freedom the moment you complete your ticket purchase, one thing is sure, we all travel for the exotic cuisine.  In this article we will be going over our Top 10 Best Restaurant Choices throughout the cities of Peru, from the Amazon to the Andes, our list is sure to satisfy the hunger from within and we strongly suggest that you may create your Travel Route while doing so.

Lima – The City of Kings

The Capital City of Peru features one of the best reputations for fine dining in all of South America, hosting many of the highest rated restaurants in the world.  The Culinary Capital of South America will absolutely not disappoint.

  1. Maido – This Peruvian/Japanese fusion favorite has been rated the number 1 Restaurant in South America, and one of the top 10 Restaurants in the World.  Where every single atom involved in your experience is carefully selected, your night of fine dining at Maido will be one to remember.
  2. Central – Featured on every top 10 list the world over, Lima’s Central is the home of Peruvian Chef Virgillo Martinez Veliz, who crafts some of the most incredible dishes on the entire planet from some of the most exotic ingredients around.
  3. Astrid y Gaston – This popular choice features a rich history originating from humble beginnings to eventually becoming one of the top 10 restaurants in all of South America and one of the top 50 in the entire world.

Cusco – A Taste of Adventure

Located high in the skies and surrounded by the local Andean mountain range, are the many tasty and adventurous cuisine options of Peru’s most touristic city.  Whether you’re after an elegant experience with a fine wine pairing, or an exotic explosion of adventurous ingredients meant only for the daring, Cusco has it all.

  1. MAP Cafe – With a passion for their craft noticeable in every bite, MAP Cafe sets to forge their own unique path as they infuse their work with the many flavors of the region.  If your looking to sample the local flavor wrapped in elegance and style, look no further than this local favorite.
  2. Uchu Peruvian Steakhouse – Offering two locations around Cusco, Uchu has made a name for itself as one of the best dining choices around.  Enjoy a contemporary atmosphere while sampling traditional Peruvian flavors featuring a unique twist to keep your senses guessing.
  3. Inti Raymi Restautant – When it comes to atmosphere, Inti Raymi does not disappoint, as you enjoy the warm ambiance of the courtyard sampling traditional Peruvian cuisine while enjoying a conversation over candlelight.  

Arequipa – The White City

The Peruvian city with the shiny white smile has always been Arequipa, as many of its walls consist of a white volcanic rock.  Due to its proximity to the coast, this beautiful southern city boasts some of the best seafood around.

  1. Chicha por Gaston Acurio – This local favorite is set in a 17th century historical building located in Arequipa’s Plaza De Armas.  Featuring some of the best seafood from the nearby coast, this famous Gaston location lives up to its name and delivers a traditional Peruvian culinary experience sure to leave you wanting more.
  2. Los Robles – This fusion experience features traditional Peruvian ingredients combined with modern cooking techniques to deliver a truly unique dish that will tingle every bud.  Also Los Robles features an impressive wine list to make for the perfect evening.
  3. Zig Zag – A small intimate fusion restaurant that uses modern techniques to create a unique variety of Peruvian dishes.  Featuring an elegant antique iron staircase from the architect that brought the world the famous Eiffel Tower.

Honorable Mention – Cafe D’Wasi

Located in the city of Cusco, is my personal favorite restaurant of choice, Cafe D’Wasi.  Featuring a high quality assortment of Peruvian dishes as well as an impressive variety of different coffee blends using various brewing methods from around the world.  If you’re looking for a great value location where you can have a lunch and a cup of Peru’s finest, look no further.

Peru has a lot to offer to just about every type of traveler, but we all need to eat, and the local cuisine makes this need an absolute joy.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our top 10 favorite restaurant options in Peru, may your travels be filled with many tasty treats.

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