Skylodge Suites, An Extreme Adventure in the Sacred Valley

Ever wonder what it’s like to sleep in a condor’s nest? Luckily for you Natura Vive has the answer. Created by a team of young professionals, Natura Vive has established one of the most unique dining/accommodation experiences in all of Peru. Located right outside of Cusco, this company offers several different experiences that cater to travelers from all over the world. 

Whether just setting out for lunch or staying an entire night, reaching this “hotel” is an adventure all on its own. Hiking is one of two options to get there, but why hike when you can climb the Via Ferrata. No experience required, professionally trained guides will explain everything you need to know about ascending a 400-meter-tall rock formation. Permanently installed into the mountainside are metal ladders, bridges, and other similar equipment. After donning your helmet and harness you will strap in and begin clawing up this vertical masterpiece. After the 30-minute introduction, you will spend anywhere from 3-4 hours on the side of this mountain depending on the pace of your group. Pack light but purposefully as it may get windy. An ultralight backpack with enough space for 1 liter of water should suffice. Once at the top you’ll be treated to a nice boxed lunch before continuing on. If you only wanted to do a little climbing, you can choose to end your journey here. However, with a complete zip line system in place it’d be wrong to stop just yet. With 7 zip lines in total, you can get an aerial view of the valley while descending in style. Varying from 150 to 700 meters long, this is an opportunity for people of all ages to safely enjoy the Sacred Valley from above.

If you’d like to enjoy the view a little more you can book a Skylodge Adventure Suite. These transparent luxury capsules delicately dangle from the top of a mountain in the Sacred Valley. Designed with comfort in mind, these rooms are situated at 1200 feet above ground and offer a 300-degree view of its surroundings. Meticulously crafted by hand, these capsules are made out of aerospace aluminum and weather resistant polycarbonate. Additionally, each suite comes with a dining room, four beds, and a private bathroom. Measuring 24 feet in length by 8 feet in height and width, each capsule suite is composed of six windows and four ventilation shafts that help maintain a comfortable atmosphere. As always, Natura Vive keeps safety in mind with an exit portal located on the upper part of the suite. 

Created for first class comfort, the interior design of these capsules will not disappoint. Inside you’ll encounter the alternative lighting system that consists of four lamps and a reading light that are all powered by batteries that are connected to nearby solar panels. The private bathrooms contain a dry ecological toilet and sink while still being separated from the rest of the space by an insulated wall. Made without sacrifice, ven here you can still enjoy the exquisite view through the 1.8-meter diameter dome. If you want a little privacy from the condors (who will watch curiously as they fly around you) you can close the curtains to the outside. After staying up to stargaze you may start to get a little tired. Once ready you can settle onto a high quality mattress, snuggle under some cotton sheets and rest your head on a ridiculously soft down pillow. If it starts to get extra cold, there are heavier quilts to keep you warm. 

With a relatively small capacity, this unconventional vacation sells out quick. Look to book a couple weeks in advance at the latest to claim your spot among the clouds. The price tag for one night is around 1400 soles or about $400. This includes private transportation, equipment, guides and a gourmet dinner with a complementary bottle of wine.

View Peru & Signatures also customize a range of tours throughout the Sacred Valley region of Cusco Peru. Don´t hesitate in contacting us to plan your own adventure holiday with a touch of high-altitude adventure at the Skylodge Adventure Suites.

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