What to expect in our Private Inca Trail Tours

Knowing that Peru is an extremely rich country with so many qualities as history, culture, archaeology, with lot of fun and the very best cuisine of the world, it would not be for less, does not to have adventure programs in almost all of our Peruvian territory.

As someone said: “That moment when you are asked where did you enjoy the most and have memorable histories, that moment takes you to Peru without a doubt”

As Iperu web says:  Can you imagine walking along trails in the middle of nature surrounded by amazing landscapes and archaeological remains? Well, in Peru you can live these experiences if you are a lover of trekking and adventure. And it is because of its wide territory and varied geography that Peru offers you a world of routes that impress for all that they mean.

Due to the above, Peru is an excellent option for ecotourism, from discovering its mountains in expeditions to learning about its culture in indigenous peoples. Therefore, we remind you to know some of the most important Peruvian destinations for trekking.


Some words about our service

For View Peru & Signatures it is an honor to have the best staff both in the office and in the field since its inception. With a great sense of responsibility, honesty and a great knowledge of tourism in different fields, we have been able to create a company with a highly committed human team with great passion for work, recognized worldwide for the high level of services and details that we offer and that has earned us great nominations and awards that our own passengers have done in different media. The last one was for the International Travel Awards, Best Luxury Camping Company 2022 and Best Luxury Travel Company 2023. However, it is important that you know that we also operate standard and cheaper programs.

Why in Cusco


Because Cusco is an impressive former Incan capital perched high in the Andes in south-eastern Peru. This is a city that has everything you never expected to experience.  With so many friendly and willing people.  Colors, flavors and emblematic places that visitors will enjoy every minute they stay in this magical city.

Arrive to what you have never thought you were going to live and see.  Cusco could be one of the cities that you at least have to be one time in your life.  Cusco experiences are more than amazing

About the Inca Trail

Knowing that the Inca Trail is a hike very well known, it is important to know that the Incas are part of the Andean civilization and their empire was among the main of all the civilizations of America. Territorially, it ranged from the northern region of Ecuador to the central zone of Chile. The capital was Cuzco, which means “navel of the world” and its main god was the Sun

For the Inca Trail, let me inform you that already at the time of your purchase, your consultant in charge will be informing you all the information you may need about this adorable route.

The day before the experience, we will contact you to let you know the final details.  Once on the trail, our expert team will know what to do at every minute.  Your day will be filled with information about the historical culture of the Incas and their legacy.  Once you arrive at each station, the entire camp will be waiting for you with all the comforts you should have and with a great meal prepared by our kitchen team.  Your nights will be magical and your awakenings full of enchantment and the soft singing of the birds.

Finally, you are with a responsible and serious company and the security issue is more than assured.


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