How to plan an Affordable Honeymoon in Peru

As Peru is one of those countries that has it all, it is important for you to know its main characteristics.

lares trek to machu picchu

Maybe you don’t know that Peru is the third largest country in South America, after Brazil and Argentina. It is made up of a variety of landscapes, from mountains and beaches to deserts and rainforests. Most people live along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, where the capital, Lima, is located.One of the most interesting facts about Peru is that it has 90 different microclimates – climates that are restricted to a small area, and different from surrounding climates. So, it’s no wonder that the country is home to a wide variety of wildlife and plant species.

Now, knowing all this and that the international airport is Jorge Chavez, located in Lima, the capital of the country.  That its currency is the Sol, which is approximately 3.70 to the dollar; that the language is Spanish but many people speak English, especially in tourist areas, hotels, restaurants, museums and others; there is a lot more to know.

In this country you will find all kinds of amenities according to your budget. Very cheap hotels, cheap or group tours, you will find everything

So, how to plan an unforgettable honeymoon in Peru?

It is so important to know about its most important cities and the richness of each one of them.

One of the Peruvian great expectations is about the Peruvian people. And it is that the mixture of races that exists in this beautiful country, makes its people in general to be the most friendly and helpful.  As the Peruvian culture is primarily rooted in Amerindian traditions, mainly Inca, and Hispanic heritage. It has also been influenced by various European, African, and Asian ethnic groups. Peruvian artistic traditions date back to the elaborate pottery, textiles, jewelry, and sculpture of Pre-Inca cultures. jewelry, textiles, jewelry, and sculpture of Pre-Inca cultures.


Lima City

Let’s start with Lima, the capital of the country with more than 11 million inhabitants, which can be reached from abroad by plane. In Lima you have a lot to know, between the colonial part with beautiful old churches, old mansions, the Government Palace and other monuments and the modern and bohemian part of Miraflores, Barranco and San Isidro.  And everywhere you will be able to taste some of the best food in the world.  We have great mentions about our food and even the best restaurant in the world like Central and many more.  Even more, in any corner or market, you can taste the best of the best food in the world.

Paracas & Nazca

Paracas and Nazca

In the near south of Lima, you will find a coastal desert of Peru is the Paracas National Reserve, a protected natural area known for its wealth of marine wildlife and dramatic shoreline of wind and wave sculpted rock formations. You will see sea lions, Humboldt penguins, flamingoes and other protected

Very close are located the Nazca Lines which are a group of geoglyphs made in the soil of the Nazca Desert. 

Nazca Lines.  They are perhaps best known for the representations of about 70 animals and plants, some of which measure up to 1,200 feet (370 meters) long. Examples include a spider, hummingbird, cactus plant, monkey, whale, llama, duck, flower, tree, lizard and dog.


Cusco city

As somebody said: Start your dreams and wishes, start the Cusquenian experience, where you will find extremely colors, typical customs, small towns, archaeology, Incas culture, history and thousands of more sites

With a wonder of the modern world like Machu Picchu, a great hidden treasure that should be an obligation to know. Without stopping to know the city of Cusco itself and its great riches, the glorious Sacred Valley of the Incas, the southern valley and much more. And, where you can also do a lot of adventure sports.  And so many experiences that you will never, ever want to leave

And how not to mention the beauty of Lake Titicaca in Puno, the highest navigable lake in the world. Arequipa, the second most important city in Peru with its extremely colonial city and its Cañon del Colca and our Amazon Jungle… actually there is much more!!

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