How many days and where to stay in Cusco before Inca Trail

Peru has so much to offer that you will almost certainly never finish getting to know this beautiful country. 

What to appreciate in Peru


From its incredible and cosmopolitan capital, Lima; with so many colonial and modern places to see; with its different excursions everywhere; with its bohemian neighborhood, its museums in every corner and with the best food in the world with many awards, how do I explain to you that we started very well

This incredible country also has emigration areas such as the Nazca Lines and the Paracas Reserve and continuing further south of the country, you reach Arequipa, the second most important city in the country with its very colonial city with its buildings in sillar and the famous Colca Canyon.


And what is further south?


Is a very special and interesting city that overlooks Lake Titicaca and is sure to be a highlight of your trip. There’s plenty to see around  


The floating islands of Uros is one of the most popular attractions on Lake Titicaca. The most beautiful part of the lake are the amazing views; these are breathtaking and magical. There are a lot of experiences you can enjoy. North of Puno is the more than amazing Cusco.


Fall in love with this travel experiences, fall in love of Cusco that is the cherry on the cake

Cusco is so much that there are no words that can describe this Land of the Incas.

Its magical and transcendent history, full of culture, enigmas and realities, will captivate you during your visit.  And even more the capital itself with its streets, churches, corners, bohemian areas and so much more that you will never want to leave.


Where to stay?

Well, there is such a wide variety of hotels available that you will have great alternatives, all with excellent service and perfect facilities and locations.

Our company guarantees the hotels we work with because we make periodic, very detailed inspections so that our guests do not have any kind of inconvenience and are very tailored to your needs.

Peru in general currently has large hotel chains.  Among them we can mention: Belmond hotels, Marriott with different categories; Hilton also with different categories, Courtyard, Radisson, Crown Plaza, Dazzler, Western and others, as well as private boutique hotels with great charm and hostels. We have something for everyone

View Peru & Signatures, is honored and more than satisfied to work with several of the hotels of the mentioned chains, especially those that offer us total guarantee and security according to the requirements of our passengers.

In particular, there are hotels that offer exquisitely decorated rooms with the finest details.  They also have wonderful kitchens that offer the great variety of food that our country offers, as it has been named several times as the best culinary destination in South America and sometimes in the world.

How many days do we need before starting the Inca Trail?

Well, this is a difficult question as in Cusco you must have a lot of time.  From the moment we arrived in the magical city of Cusco, we felt special.  Although the altitude can affect us, although not all of us, it is a place so full of everything we expected to see and much more.

Altitude sickness is caused by ascending too rapidly, which doesn’t allow the body enough time to adjust to reduced oxygen and changes in air pressure. Symptoms include headache, vomiting, insomnia and reduced performance

Cusco is about 3,400 meters above sea level. It is highly recommended to rest during the first hours, drink a Coca tea and plenty of water.  It is also advisable to eat very light food, at least the first day.  Even if you feel like eating more, since you are going to see it in different places, it is best not to eat a lot of fats or heavy meals; with a soup, you will feel very well.

It is for this reason that our company always suggests that passengers arrive directly to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, since it is at 2,871 m (8,870 ft).  On the way you can go on very relaxed visits and once you arrive at the hotel, rest and relax.

If you do not have much time to spend in Cusco or in the Valley, and if you are going to do the Inca Trail, you should arrive at least 2 days in advance. In that way you will be ready to make the most amazing hike that will take you to the seventh wonder of the modern world, Machu Picchu.


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