What is Peru famous for?

As everybody know, Peru has all to offer. We are not limited to just having history and culture; we have archaeological remains, incredible people, one of the best foods on earth, beautiful beaches, one of the biggest jungles with the Amazon and many other things that make us incomparable and irresistible. Peru is a country of lush nature. It has a higher percentage of land protected in reserves and parks than any other country in South America. Those that come looking for nature and wildlife are sure to leave more than content.

But Peru is also well known for the Adventure, Culture and Food. The culture and history of Peru are a source of wonder to those that experience it. They are filled with vibrant music and dances, beautifully woven ponchos and polleras. Coming to Peru you will find several types of adventure programs specially in Cusco with all its incredible Inca’s routes that will show you the Andean Culture, enjoying such many different incredible dishes to try; there are lot of people coming to Peru just to have culinary experiences

When people think of places to visit in South America for a vacation, Peru is one of the closest to the top of their minds. For the past few decades, tourism has been a vital part of Peru’s economy. Just below fishing and mining, tourism is Peru’s third-largest industry, employing up to 11% of the labor force and making up 7% of the country’s GDP. But what is Peru famous for? And why you should visit it?

Let’s explore together the many things that make Peru an incredible destination. Talk about Peru attractions and incredible things you can only see and do there. Do you have an idea what is Peru famous for? It is not only Machu Picchu, but apart from the Lost City, there are lot of things and places that make it famous

To talk about all its richness, Peru’s main exports are copper, gold, zinc, textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, manufactures, machinery, services and fish meal. The country’s major trade partners are the United States, China, Brazil, the European Union and Chile.

Peruvian culture is a beautiful mix of Hispanic and native traditions. The Quechua and the Aymara are the two main native cultures of Peru, both of whom speak their native languages. These Inca descendants have successfully preserved and developed their proud cultures despite the creeping in of globalization.


Peru is a colorful land of textiles, ancient ruins, and incredible culture. It’s also home to one best favorite food for lot of forgings. There are in this amazing country lot of typical dishes. As Love and Road says: One unforgettable experience that tourists talk about when they visit the country is Peru’s food. Winning the World’s Leading Culinary Destination from 2012 to 2019, Peru cuisine is a fusion of many different cultures like no other. Traditionally, indigenous and Incan ingredients and cooking techniques are applied to recipes from all around the globe, creating a microcosm of flavor from different cultures in every bite. From popular dishes to gourmet experiences, Peru will not disappoint you. Perhaps one of the most famous dishes that Peru is known for is their national dish, Ceviche. The name “ceviche” comes from the Quechuan word “siwichi”, meaning fresh or tender fish which describes the dish perfectly. Fresh, uncooked fish is marinated in citrus juice, which cooks the fish without heat. It is also spiced with hot peppers, onions, and coriander, forming a slightly sour and spicy dish that tastes like sea.

Among other incredible number of delicious dishes, it has:

Lomo Saltado (Stir Fried Beef)

Aji de Gallina (Creamy Chicken)

Papas a la Huancaina (Potatoes in Spicy Cheese Sauce)

Cuy (Guinea Pig)

Causa (Potato Casserole)

Rocoto Relleno (Stuffed Spicy Peppers

As I did mention, Peru is home to epic landmarks like Machu Picchu, the Amazon Rainforest, and Lake Titicaca. There are so many other places, people, and products that have put Peru firmly on the map. Many tourists visit Peru to see the ruins of the Incan Empire such as the known and beloved Machu Picchu. Many other ruins from different civilizations also scatter the country like the Caral, Chan Chan, and Sillustani ruins. Each of these ruins comes from a different pre-Colombian society: the Caral, Chimor, and Kolla people, respectively.

Finally, we cannot forget to mention, such other amazing places because Peru is famous:

The Nazca Lines (Nazca/Ica). – the weird yet wonderful Nazca Lines have to be seen to be believed. The best way to view these pre-Incan geoglyphs is from the air, so hop on a scenic flight and see if you can spot the enormous hummingbirds, monkeys, and spiders etched in the arid landscape. Some stretch for 10km (6 mi) so it shouldn’t be difficult!


Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain (Cusco). – The color of Vinicunca is because a geological formation accumulated over time by the mixture of marine, lake and river elements. Geologists and experts in the field affirm that this phenomenon has been discovered thanks to the melting of the glaciers that formerly covered the mountain and that constantly received snow until the early nineties


Colca Canyon (Arequipa). – Is home to one of the deepest canyons in the world. Enjoy its incredible scenery with this day trip from Arequipa and explore the picturesque town of Chivay.

Camelids. – Have you heard of llamas and alpacas, but what about their wild cousins, the vicuñas, and the guanacos? Collectively known as camelids, these quirky-looking creatures are the animal icons of Peru. If someone is asked what is Peru famous for, their first answer is often the llama!

Peru Textiles, Andean Bears and more, believe me, much more!

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