Beyond Comfort: Examining the Eco-Friendly Aspects of Our Inca Trail Luxury Hikes

For quite some time now, the ecological issue and the maintenance of the planet has been very important for companies, especially because of the damage that is done to many factors, starting with the air, water, forest and many other aspects.

Therefore, View Peru & Signatures is seriously interested in the environmentally friendly behaviors of tourists towards sustainable development.

We are very clear that when we talk about caring for the environment, we are talking about protecting the planet by acquiring simple habits or customs that allow us to reduce pollution, save energy and conserve the different natural resources. And we take care of the environment because it is mainly produced by anthropogenic causes: the actions of human beings, through negligence, carelessness or greed, deplete environmental health on a daily basis; knowing that the human being is the most responsible for the damage to the environment.


And how do we take care of the environment?

–      Walk, ride a bike or use public transportation.

–      Avoid the use of toxic products and aerosols and replace them with others that are more environmentally friendly.

–      We care for, respect and protect nature, its plants and animals.

–      We always choose education, solidarity, respect and civility.

–      We use suppliers and people from the countryside grow their own food.

–      We plant trees, that are so useful in many respects

–      We separate garbage

–      We care for and save water, in the kitchen, bathroom, shower, watering gardens and everywhere else where needed

–      We unplug the electrical appliances

–      We try to use more public transportation or bicycles

–      We try to take advantage of natural light

–      The few plastics that are used are placed in the recycling container

How are our excursions?

Since the beginning of our organization, our concern and central interest is the land.  One of our special interests has always been the planting of trees and reforestation and then the care of the environment.

Use of plastic

Our company is 0 plastic.  Because scientific research has shown that the irresponsible use of plastic bags and bottles has caused serious environmental pollution, and the oceans have been one of the main victims. A bag takes at least 50 years to degrade.

Single-use plastic has been replaced by biodegradable plastic as biodegradable plastics allow for improved disposal and recycling possibilities at the end-of-life of products. This can reduce the burden on our existing waste systems and also on the environment.


All our meals are prepared in each camp.  We have a kitchen with all the necessary supplies for the preparation of the dishes with the relation of each breakfast, lunch, tea time and dinner.

From the moment the reservation is confirmed, the adventure managers communicate with the chef and his team to make the list of meals that will be served throughout the tour, always taking into account your preferences, special tastes and allergies.

As all meals are prepared at the camp, special care is taken to use seasonal ingredients, always with the three types of proteins, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.

And we continue to help the environment in the following ways in the field:

We save energy when cooking – We carry gas

We avoid food waste

We limit or substitute the use of plastic, if we use them, we use biodegradable bags.

Prefer cloth napkins

We consume what is in season

We do not use household appliances

We reduce and reuse water

In cleaning

We reduce packaging material

We use soaps and dishwashers with natural or biodegradable products.

We do not use packaged or canned products.

We use products that do not pollute the air

We have chemical toilets

All food handlers are properly uniformed and trained…cooks, waiters, waitresses…etc.

Environmental care and waste

We practice the three ‘R’s: Reduce, reuse and recycle. Our company only buys what we are going to eat and use, thus reducing the pressure on natural resources.

We have a policy of:

Reuse before buying.

We avoid single-use items, as well as those sold packaged.

Compost organic waste

We buy from companies with sustainability and recycling programs.

We opt for refillable items instead of buying plastic bottles/paper cups, for example


–      We cleaned up the Inca Trail yearly

–      We are committed to the million-tree campaign; the reforestation campaign.

–      We are in the Carbon Neutral campaign. We are committed to developing internal actions to reduce and remove the carbon emissions emitted. Carbon dioxide is removed naturally by forests and plants. Very few countries are carbon neutral. Axis. Costa Rica, Norway, Sweden

In a nutshell, View Peru & Signatures is a company that offers luxury taking care of the environment!!


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