Is traveling with your pet still on your wishlist? If so, come to Peru and add him to the passengers list because your four-legged friend can sit, eat, enjoy and sleep next to you. Spend wonderful days with no worries on a dog-friendly tour in Peru!

The First Steps

Okay. It’s time to get serious. Before making plans, you need two documents. One, an official form (CA- 02/03) with the owner and pet’s information. Two, a pet exportation certificate issued by health authorities of your country showing vaccines (parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, rabies for dogs, and panleukopenia and rabies for cats.) External and internal parasite elimination is also required 15 days before arrival. Finally, you must pay an official fee of 99 soles (25 USD approx.) 

Note: The rabies vaccine is mandatory from the third month of birth.

Remember that airports have their own protocols regarding pets.

Time for fun

Hopefully, there are dog-friendly hotels and tours in Peru. Some options are the Inca’s Garden Apartment and Kokopelli Hostel among others we can recommend to you. Depending on your choice, a cozy bed and delicious food among other services to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet.

Once outdoors, the fun starts. This itinerary will be a little bit different from the classical routes. As pets love to be outside, all the group will enjoy wandering and shopping in Pisac, the Huacarpay Lagoon, or the bustling Main Square. Restaurants and archaeological sites have their own rules to allow pets, so let us arrange the best option to make your pet as happy as no other during the one-day dog-friendly Peru tour!

Before leaving

Paperwork needed before returning home includes an application to the Area Manager from Animal Healthcare with necessary permissions, the Health Certificate issued by an authorized veterinary doctor, and the vaccination certificate issued by the veterinarian authority, Colegio Médico Veterinario del Perú.

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