Family vacations are a time to be together and make memories. Each age and each moment of life has different effects on each person, even if they are from the same family; the experiences are your own and you should try to create memories that last a lifetime

With such biodiversity, historical ruins, fascinating wildlife, delicious food, and colorful markets, Peru offers a spectacular family-friendly vacation for those with children of all ages

Peru, besides being the third-largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina, is made up of a variety of landscapes.  From mountain to beaches; from amazing jungle to cosmopolitan cities; Peru has all that a family need to have their dreamy vacations

If you want to explore this fascinating country with your family, you must do it by exploring Inca ruins, watching Amazon wildlife, riding dune buggies, rafting on river rapids, petting alpaca, learning to make chocolate – Peru has so much that will captivate children and adults alike.

Peru has a range of exciting activities suitable for both kids and adults. If your children are fascinated by history then Peru’s wealth of cultural treasures – from the Nazca Lines to Inca ruins – will keep them busy, and if they’re fascinated by the natural world then trips to volcanoes, canyons, high lakes, and the amazing Amazon jungle will be of equal interest. There are lots of family-friendly activities to enjoy – from visiting llama farms to sandboarding and kayaking, and from learning to build with adobe materials to cooking in clay ovens and making chocolate.

However, traveling in Peru has its challenges – distances are long between many destinations and you must also factor in high altitudes, strong sun, variable sanitation, and mosquitoes. With the right preparation though, it can be a terrific family vacation.

Among some other programs and depending on the time available to the family and especially knowing the main characteristics of each member of your family; there are a wide variety of packages that we can offer you.  From just one week knowing Lima, Peru’s capital, enjoying its history, colonial and modern sites as well as tasting the different and great meals that Peruvian cuisine offers following to Cusco with its culture, archaeological sites, sports in the heights, Andean mountains, visiting the Andean communities and ending with what can never be lost, the Seventh World’s Wonder of Machu Picchu, your time will be over

Also, what is our passion and specialty and if your time is short, you can go for an Inca Trail, the most incredible experience of adventure you and your family will ever have.  Can you imagine hiking the altitude of the Peruvian Andes, having storytelling of your guides regarding the ancestral culture, including glamour, the best quality of service as well as a great gourmet meal?  You have to live our Glamping, an experience that has no equal in the world.

It is better if your kids are older than 12 years old

Equally, sharing a visit to Cusco and the Amazon jungle, living different experiences, with animals, boat rides, interaction with communities, lush vegetation, with very warm weather with an average temperature of 28 °C, high relative humidity (over 75%), and yearly rainfall

Come important data to take into account are:

Check when to go

In the mountains and jungle, the rainy season peaks between December and April but it can be rainy in October/November too. The best and driest period is June to August. May, June, September, and October are particularly good times.

Before you come

If you have a baby or toddler then consider waiting until they’re older when they can experience more of what Peru has to offer. High altitudes and the jungle are not suitable for babies and toddlers; however, there are lots of couples that come with their babies.

Another great thing to do is get them some Spanish classes or if they’re already studying it, motivate

Health, altitude, and sun

Most of the Peruvian highlands are above 2000 m, and Cusco and Puno are well above 3000 m, so be aware that altitude sickness can be a factor for a few days, particularly if you are flying from Lima or elsewhere at sea level. This can cause headaches and dizziness. The best solution is to take it easy and eat light food high in carbs. Consider going down in altitude when arriving in Cusco to a lower destination such as the Sacred Valley

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