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What awaits us in Peru?

Think about Peru is a whole adventure; it is a lot of experiences and memories. It is a mix of sensations and emotions; colors, harmony, flavors.

Since the moment that one person arrives in Peru for the first time, in the same airport, you can see a mix of races, languages, and ways to express their words and feelings. It is very true that in Peru most of the inhabitants are “mestizos” which is a mix between indigenous and Spanish but now is very cosmopolitan
Its people, the Peruvian, is very friendly, talkative, entertaining, and almost always looks happy. they will always want to help you and give you the assistance you need.

Once in the same airport and if you did not book a car or tourist transportation that is the most recommendable; you can find a lot of taxi companies that offer you transportation to your hotel; but, this is better to arrange inside the airport as outside is the risk to be with a no very honorable person; as many of the capitals of the countries.

If you only speak English, there will not be a problem with your tour operator or hotel as almost all the people that work in the tourism area, speak at least English If you only have dollars or euros, you won't have problems either as at hotels or at an office of money exchange you are able to change to soles 

What makes Peru so special?

Really, a lot of things. The people; the rich culture; the variety of climates; the food; their alpaca or vicuña wool fabrics; the beaches; the mountains; the jungle….here in Peru you do not have time to lose
Also, what so special could be found en this magic land?

Well, there is so many things and places to mention 

In Peru, you have to start visiting Lima and its downtown with its churches, monuments, and museums. Museums also in many other areas of Lima. But not only find but to try one of the best cuisines in the whole world, you cannot lose the mix of experiences. If you have no made a tourist program that includes restaurants and bars; in your hotel, the concierges are able to recommend you the best places.


Which are the most incredible places and you cannot lose to visit?

To start with Lima and depending on your tastes and preferences, there are colonial and historical places that go to modern areas as well as bohemian neighborhood. To mention only some of them, we have San Isidro, La Molina or Miraflores (Residential areas with a lot of great restaurants and bars); the downtown with the colonial area and Barranco with its romanticism and bohemian atmosphere being the home and working place of many of Peru´s leading artists, musicians, designers, and photographers.

Also, you can discover the culture, archaeology, history, and one f the 7th world wonders in Cusco and its surroundings. You can find the highest navigable lake in the world in Puno.

You can experience the richest of the jungle in Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado. Beautiful beaches in Tumbes and Piura, the north of Peru and so you can find many other places.

Let´s Plan your Peru Vacations

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What about the coronavirus in Peru?

As many other countries in the world and especially in Latin America; Peru has a lot of infected people who are coming out of the disease or never had symptoms. The vast majority of those infected are found in areas with limited economic resources especially in Lima the capital.

What we have to see here is that these people have to work every day for their food on that day. Most do not have at least a refrigerator so they eat what´s for the day 

The sad thing about this reality is that there are very sensitive sectors such as tourism, which are not receiving tourists from abroad and the special reason is that the closing of borders so there are no international flights which apparently will be restored towards the end of the year Hundreds of thousands of people in this sector are not working and are harming themselves.

Peru do hopes to open the frontiers as soon as possible and to receive all the tourism that is waiting to visit us.

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