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Virtual Tours in Peru

In this time that all is about nervousness, expectations, discomfort, and uncertainty, due to the terrible pandemic that the whole world is living; there are so many people that still want to travel, but, in many countries, by the moment it is completely difficult.

Global tourism has almost come to a standstill, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. As travel restrictions and social distancing continue to be enforced across the planet for the conceivable future, travel-related businesses such as airlines and cruise lines are reportedly on the verge of bankruptcy while hotels, restaurants, and museums have locked their doors for the time being

In this time, travelers are now confined to their respective homes, and demand for indoor activities and exploration is on the rise. Some cultural organizations have therefore come up with online tours of their properties and experiences, so that the quest for discovery remains unhindered, shifting only from the physical to the virtual.

From immersive tours to sofa safaris, technology and immersive tours are helping some people get as close as they can to the real thing.

A good way to do it has been found to visit many places in the world; in Japan as a sample, they do offer at the moment this kind of tours. They ask the passengers interested to go to the airport and they carry passengers to a very special plane cabin; give the passengers personal screens and passengers select the country they want to visit.

The airline offers at that time, drinks and food, and the cost is very, very low.


Let´s Plan your Peru Vacations

Travel the right way, by contacting View Peru regarding tours in Peru and Bolivia, simply e-mail at or fill out the “Enquire Now” form, Please indicate what tour you are interested in and we will send you all of the information you requested.
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As this sample en Japan, there are at the moment a lot of places that offer virtual tours like many of the museums in Europe. 

As you can image, Peru has a lot of places to visit; in the coast (Lima, the capital of the country with a lot of places to visit, food to enjoy, museums to discover, and colonial places); the north with its beaches (Mancora, Zorritos, Tumbes) as well Trujillo and Chiclayo with its palaces, pre-Inca Citadels, monuments as well as colonial mansions. Also, we have the amazon jungle as Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado with great lodges to enjoy the stay; the near south with Pisco, Paracas, and the incredible Nazca with its Nazca Lines
In the south, there are places like Cusco and its 7th world wonder of Machupicchu, the Sacred Valley with Pisac and Ollantaytambo, Maras and Moray; the Barroque-Andean route and how to lose the incredible Cusco, capital of the Inca Empire? 

Also, we have Puno with its world’s highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca and Arequipa, with its deepest canyon, Cañon del Colca as its a very beautiful city with a very peculiar style, old and colonial mansions
In a near future, we hope; we will have the opportunity to offer Virtual Tours according to your wishes. We are planning to offer tours alive, I mean, the same moment you are seeing with a private guide only for you. Before the pandemic, we start to work on this item as there are many senior people that are no able to travel and walk as young people and prefer to have a virtual tour.

For the moment and due to the pandemic and as guides have to move to each place, we are not with the possibilities to work on it; but, as soon as this situation changes, will be our priority to offer as there are lots of people who are eager to enjoy our experience. All these past months View Peru & Signatures, being one of the most sought-after and required operators has had a lot of requirements to know about our situation and when our frontiers will be opened; unfortunately, for the moment our frontiers are still closed maybe until November

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