Second wave of coronavirus in Peru

In these terrible moments of uncertainty with special feelings and emotions, there are so many very new changes in our world that Peru is not free of this disease and its consequences at the country level

This second wave has taken the whole world not very prepared as this wave comes with very different characteristics that have created new strains.

Peru’s government announced 15 days of quarantine from January 31 st up to February 14 th to the worst affected regions and a $ 164 subsidy to 4.2 million households.

As the health minister reports that the second wave of coronavirus is advancing at speed. He mentioned that it is important to know that the time that citizens remain on the street is a danger therefore, he urged citizens to take extreme measures of prevention to avoid possible new cases of this disease. The call was made two days after the quarantine begins in Lima and Callao

Also, and as El Pais newspaper mention. – Peru returns to confinement. The interim president, Francisco Sagasti, announced on Tuesday night a 15-day quarantine starting next Monday in nine regions – including the port of Callao and Metropolitan Lima – declared at extreme risk by the coronavirus pandemic. To avoid an overflow of the health system, the Government has resumed the measures that it had implemented in the first wave, such as the prohibition of land or air transport in those jurisdictions and the restriction of economic activities. As of Tuesday, the country reported 1,113,970 infections and 40,272 deaths from covid-19. Opinions are divided regarding the new confinement. Some regret that they will be out of work again because only essential activities will be authorized, while others see confinement as the only way to face the increase in cases of the second wave of covid-19 that, according to the Prime Minister, Violeta Bermúdez, is they shot last weekend. The permitted activities are those related to the food supply, banking, health, agriculture, mining, and part of manufacturing, commerce, and construction.

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Also, the Times Travel informed. – As concerns of a second wave of COVID-19 hits Peru, the nation has announced a new round of lockdowns. The country is going under lockdown with 10 to 25 regions at a time when the hospitals are struggling to admit new patients amidst a growing number of cases. Even the capital city of Lima will be going under lockdown, which is due to start from January 31.

The second wave of COVID-19 seems to be an aggressive one, and this has led to more than 40000 deaths as of Tuesday. During a televised address to the nation, President Francisco Sagasti of Peru said that the country is going to add 350 more beds in the coming weeks. There will also be restrictions on international flights from Europe, and Brazil, where the new strain of the virus has been detected The lasted reports mention that as of today are confirmed positive cases of 1,142,716 and 41,181 confirmed deaths due to COVID-19 throughout the country. Also, while international borders are still officially open, all flights from Europe & Brazil will continue to be suspended. No vaccines have arrived as of yet, there is no official date for the arrival of the vaccines, but the president announced they will start vaccinating in February.

As all ICU beds are full in both the private and public sector the government will be providing an additional 350 beds. 

Currently, the country is divided into 3 different levels of alert which are: High, Very High, & Extreme. Below I’ve listed each level of alert with its corresponding region, and the restrictions going into effect starting January 31st. 

Finally, Peruvian president Sagasti announced that the first batch of COVID-19 vaccines purchased from Sinopharm laboratory consisting of one million doses will arrive on February 9, 2021, and Peru has approved Pfizer´s COVID-19 vaccine for one year, according to a regulatory filing viewed by Reuters, amid a recent spike in coronavirus cases that has brought local hospitals to the brink of collapse.

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