Trains to Machu Picchu

Trains from cusco to machu picchu

Fortunately, yesterday January 8th, the services of trains were restarted and are running regular in all the frequencies

Activities in Lima are developing in a normal way. In the interior of the country, there are some demonstrations that we hope the police will disperse.

Will keep you informed

Update at January 09th, 2022

Dónde abordar el tren a Machu Picchu

Peru travel advisory

Today, January 6th, Peru is turning calmer. In fact, there have not been large demonstrations, but there have been some in Cusco, Puno and Arequipa, as well as in other cities in the country’s highlands.

In Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail are currently open. The trains are suspended until the service is fully guaranteed

Will keep you informed

Update at January 06th, 2022


Today, January 4th, Peru is calm in the capital city as well as the north, central and orient zones. In the south, Arequipa, Cusco and Puno are small manifestations asking for the closure of congress and the resignation of the new president.

The south zone always has had demonstrations of disagreement with everything. Much of them are indigenous peoples who, although they have great wealth in their tourist sites, do not stop having a restless area. Soon the army will be present

Will keep you informed

Update at January 04th, 2022

Peru Today

Today we have great news.  Calm is almost in all the country; people has return to their activities; all the transportation, routes, airports and so, are running normal

There is a truce that has been given until the end of the holidays, therefore, the calm is greater

Peru is going back to the normality

Back to you soon

Update at December 21th, 2022

Peru civil unrest today: Things looks better in Peru

Moment by moment things are returning to normal; both in Lima and in other cities there are no more social upheaval

Always will be very far towns that are dissatisfied with in all parts of the world, but that do not affect the residents or tourists; people disagree and the government has to deal with it

Very soon we will say, Ok, all is great; the total calm has arrived

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Update at December 20th, 2022

Latest news peru TODAY

Today, things look much clearer and more satisfying.  The calm in Lima is almost in all the city

The roads of the entire country are almost 90% free of demonstrations, except for some very distant points in the interior

Arequipa, second most important city in Perú, is running normal; airport, land transportation and all the services are running normal

Puno is still having some manifestations and there is no land transportation, except to Arequipa route

Cusco has great news, land transportation, airport and trains are running almost normal, except for some isolated demonstrations in the area of the sacred valley, but controlled by the police.  Trains are having the route Ollanta/Aguas Calientes/Ollanta:  Machu Picchu is again receiving visitors

We will keep you informed

Update at December 19th, 2022

Trains to Machu Picchu

Lima and Cusco peru news today

Getting back with the news about the Peru situation, let us inform you that the calm is being maintained with the help of the Peruvian army.  Little by little, the population is doing their activities normally

In Lima, the situation is running normal,  markets, shops, land transportation, airports, buses and so; with some small manifestations

The rest of Peru, In Ayacucho, there are very strong demonstrations.  It is located in south east of Lima, almost 15 by land from Lima

The government has decreed five days with a curfew from 10pm to 4am including Cusco; This law applies from December 16 to 20

In Cusco, the day-to-day life of the inhabitants is normal with everything open.  Land transportation is almost normal, except with the route to Puno that still is with protests;  trains still do not open their services. The tourism has not return yet

Keeping you inform 

Update at December 17th, 2022

Peru news international flights

Following with our daily information, we are glad to communicate to you; that the calm is arriving slowly but surely to our cities.  Cusco has already opened the airport and flights are running since some hours ago

Also, the calm is almost in all the Cusco city, Sacred Valley and surroundings; the transports are already circulating normally on the roads and through the city; however, there are some special points with small protest marches but that will soon be resolved

Trains services are still waiting to finish fixing the rails that suffered some damage

Will continue informing….

Update at December 16th, 2022

Restart of flights in Cusco

What is happening in peru: ( protest 3 day)

Following our Political Situation information; yesterday the government decided to declare the state of emergency at the national level, for 30 days.

State of emergency means that the government decided to have greater security protection for citizens on the streets

This situation, of exceptional legal value, complements the decision to have the support of the guardianship institutions of the country in the task of guaranteeing order and adequate interconnection with transport services throughout the country.

So, since today the country is experiencing a small beginning to return to normality. This morning Cusco dawned with a better social tranquility in the streets; and the strikes are almost over. Cusco airport will open his operation tomorrow. We are waiting for the train’s companies’ information as for the moment are suspended maybe to be opened by tomorrow

We will keep informing you

Update at December 15th, 2022

Situation About Peru Now

Unfortunately, last December 7th, our past-president Pedro Castillo, decided to close the parliament from one moment to another, due to the request for a vacancy that was made due to all the corruption that was in his government; the parliament made an urgent vote and was immediately vacated.  The judiciary decided to put him in pretrial detention

These events unleashed a series of conflicts among the followers of Pedro Castillo, especially since was sworn in as the country’s new president, Dina Boluarte, who was his vice-president.

The people demand that Castillo be released from prison and returned to the government palace and that a new constitution be drawn up

Update at December 14th, 2022

demonstration in cusco
Foto: Alexander Flores / URPI
closing of the congress in peru
Foto Rodrigo Talavera/La República

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