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Peru opens its frontiers and also some local flights

Peru that counts with so many wonders has had up to the moment 7 months with no tourists at all
And it is no exaggerated mention that Peru has the greatest capital of many countries; Lima with the very best restaurants with all kind of fusions that has become in one of the favorite countries to try the most incredible kind of foods, since traditional local delicious, passing to the best fishing cuisine up to Italian, Chinese (Chifa called in Peru), French and so many different dishes that there are a lot of people that flight to Peru just to eat. This is incredible but is the true….

Also, and no less important, Peru counts with the 7th World Wonder, Machupicchu, As you can see, with all these luxurious belongings that this great country has, it had to close their frontiers due to the pandemic. This Covid-19 virus has affected thousands of people that used to work in this area; since airlines, passing to travel agencies, hotels, trains, ships, artisans, and all kind of business that was involved in the industry, Fortunately, and hoping it will last, Peru opened some the local flights in different moments
depending on how was this pandemic developing. The first airports that could be opened were some of the north of Peru such as Tumbes, Piura, and Chiclayo as well as in the jungle as Iquitos after some time with high numbers and later due to the smaller number of infected people. At the same time, airports like Cusco and Puno were closed due to the higher number of infected people….

Now we are really gladly, as almost all the local airports in Peru are open and we beg to maintain and ask the Peruvian people all the time to take care in order to stay as we are now and continue to be better
Regarding the opening of frontiers and international flights, and now that numbers are better with less infected people in almost all the country, Peru has opened the airport for flights to other South American countries such as Bolivia; Chile; Colombia, Panamá; Ecuador; Paraguay and Uruguay for the moment
Is a must the protocols that are required to flights from Lima or flights to Lima. As most airports in the world, Peru has applied very restricted protocols. Lima Airport Partners in charge of the Lima airport has the followings protocols. 


Departures. –

  • Arrive to the airport 3 hour before the departure
  • Every passenger must carry a disposable surgical mask at all times, face shield or safety glasses
  • Every passenger must have a negative RT-PCR test result in Real-time.
  • The RT-PCR test, unsanitary test or the medical certificate of epidemiological discharge cannot be more than 72 hours old. Attach lab result (PDF format or image).
  • Regarding children (under 12 years old), it is only required that they have a medical certificate of good health.
  • All passengers must show their identity card, boarding pass, or their flight reservation to enter the airport. Preferably in a digital way.
  • The body temperature will be taken at the entrance of the terminal. Passengers with a temperature higher than 38°C will not enter.
  • Pedestrian entrance: Gates 1 and 2 (next to Faucett InOutlet)
  • Pedestrian entrance: Gates 1 and 2 (next to Faucett InOutlet)
  • Vehicular access by the freeway: only for passengers. Without cost.
  • To enter the terminal, check the door that corresponds to you.
  • For passengers with checked baggage, the entry is through doors 7 and 9.
  • Passengers with hand luggage, door 11.
  • Passengers who require special assistance, door 8.

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Boarding. –

  • With your boarding pass at hand, head to the entrance of the boarding lounges. Place your boarding pass through the scanner machine. (TUUA)
  • In the security control, the passengers will be instructed to comply with the correct placement of their belongings prior to the inspection.
  • The use of trays is only for items outside of your hand luggage, like clothes or big electronic items. The smaller items like watches, bracelets, and cellphones must be included inside the hand luggage.
  • It is not necessary to remove your footwear.
  • When boarding, the line will be formed respec​ting the social distancing signs on the floor.
  • The passengers must place their boarding pass through the scanner machine to avoid contact and the exchange of documents with the airline staff.
  • When boarding, the passenger must follow the security protocols.
  • Regarding international flights, additionally, the airline will request the necessary documents for your flight:
  • Each passenger is responsible of checking the requirements of the destination country.
  • After each flight, the boarding lounges are disinfected. ​​​​

Disembarkation. –

  • In international flights to enter Peruvian territory the passengers must present the airline, in their country of origin:
  • Every passenger must have a negative RT-PCR test result in Real-time. The RT-PCR test, unsanitary test, or the medical certificate of epidemiological discharge cannot be more than
  • 72 hours old. Attach lab results (PDF format or image). Regarding children (under 12 years old), it is only required that they have a medical certificate of good health.
  • The “Health Electronic Sworn Statement, and commitment to carry out the traveler’s isolation or quarantine”, which can be found in the National Superintendence of Migrations webpage. (
  • Both previously mentioned documents must be kept as they can also be requested in Peruvian territory
  • The passengers of international flights must communicate with the health authorities of their jurisdiction if they present symptoms, within 14 days from their arrival to the country. ​​​​​​
  • The non-compliance regarding the use of the face mask or the instructions given by the airlines, the airport, or others, can result in boarding cancellation or it can be a reason to reject the boarding of a passenger to Perú.

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