New porter worker law 2022

11/13/2022 The Executive Branch published Law No. 31614, New Porter Worker Law, which aims to recognize the nature of the aforementioned work and provide rights to the people who dedicate themselves to the activity so that it can be carried out in an environment that protects your life and health.

source: Diario el Peruano

The recently new law applied in the Inca Trail route for our porters – the new one low Porter Worker Law 31614, to strengthen and guarantee their labor rights

This is due to during a long time some tour operators have been having bad dealings with the porters, in terms of food, permitted load, hours per day of work and insurance

This new law goes to protect their life and health and regulates rules to be taken from today and that favors the porters but makes their work much more expensive

As for the new forms of payment that porters must have, they have made a calculation with a 6% of the Tax Unit (4600.00 PEN)

We do not want to harm you and less to create distrust but these are laws that are given unexpectedly and are facts that escape our hands as mentioned in our conditions. View Peru & Signatures can change your tour to a lower category, change of trek route, or change to a traditional program. our specialists will be offering many options as possible in order to don´t affect your tour enormously.

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