Machu Picchu, Unique Glamping Experience

All of Peru is blessed with the number of attractions it has to offer.  Being its capital, Lima on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, it offers a wealth of experiences including those related to food, as you well know, Peru is the center of world gastronomy with many awards and has the best restaurants in the world.

But, that’s just the beginning.  The country has a lush jungle full of charms, incredible and luxurious cruises, great tourist lodges, all bordered by the famous Amazon River.

And many other places you cannot miss; however, we have the jewel in the crown which is Cusco.


City called the “Navel of the world” (Qosqo in Quechua): This name was chosen because of its enormous network of roads that begin in the town and connect practically all of South America.

And it really is a central place to start a series of impressive experiences from the city itself to the surrounding areas such as the Sacred Valley, from where the famous hikes start to arrive to Machu Picchu (Seventh Modern World Wonder)

Different hikes offered

The company operates treks of different lengths to different locations and all of them reach the lost city of Machu Picchu.

We have programs for 5 days to Salkantay.  Programs of 2, 4 and 5 days on the Inca Trail.  Lares of 3 days and even one of 9 days to Choquequirao. And short hikes in Vinicunca, Palcoyo, Sacred Valley and so on.  But let’s go one by one

First of all, let’s talk about the services

The hikes are our specialty. Our very exclusive program is called Glamping, that is a mix of glamour and camping.  So, you will live the extreme deluxe in a camp where you can enjoy the outdoors with all the comforts of a deluxe hotel room with the very best gourmet meals

Our highly trained bilingual office and field staff, from the moment you make an inquiry or request a reservation begins our well-structured process to get you everything you need to know and more.  We take special care in your timing, desires, priorities, needs and we put together the details of everything you need because we have the best network of suppliers that support our offer.

Our camps are equipped with everything you may need.  Individual sleeping tents that have beds with enough clothes to sleep peacefully, bathrobes, slippers and thousands of details.  Bathroom tents (with toilet, shower tent with unlimited hot water), kitchen tent (with all the necessary utensils at the hands of an excellent chef who prepares the most delicate meals, always taking into account your tastes), dining tent (with tables, chairs and linen that is changed at every meal, served by a neat waiter with gloves, mask and cap).  Tent for evening massages and complete with our yoga sessions at sunrise.

El muy famoso Camino Inca


One of the most incredible experiences you will ever have, is the Luxury Inca Trail.  Your vacations will remain in your memory for all your life

This experience will transport you to the time of the great Inca civilization, where you will explore through the same original trail and rediscover settlements, tunnels and many Inca ruins along it. the way. You will be mesmerized by the constantly changing ecosystems, the surrounding snow-capped mountains and the unique landscapes that perfectly blend nature and history.

The itinerary is specially prepared for those who love to hike; it doesn’t have to be a very experienced person; just to love the adventures as the highest altitude is about 12335.9 ft, but you will walk at your own pace, our experienced guides will take you almost by the hand

These hikes will make you start your days before the birds sing

We only recommend that you be healthy, take with you your personal medicines because we do not offer medicines; Sunglasses, hat and very flexible clothing, as well as hiking shoes.

Sendero salkantay

If you are seeking for an alternative route to reach Machu Picchu site and avoiding the crowds, then this trek is perfect for you! Salkantay trek is an antique and secluded trail located in the same area as the classic Inca Trail, encircled by the Sacred Mountains or Apus (Guardians of the Andes) and prolific cloud rainforest. Be ready to go through various climates, villages, and even an original inca trail to Llaqtapata hidden in the profuse mountain vegetation. This program will definitely amaze you with its varied attractions from camping nearby the breathtaking Salkantay Pass to a complete guided visit to coffee plantations.



Through this 9-day adventure you will be able to explore the uncharted Choquequirao archaeological site or The Golden Cradle which only 30% of its ruins had been excavated, revealing the imposing extension of this important complex. You will browse the trail almost in complete solitude as due to its location and difficulty, only truly intrepid travelers are willing to accept the amazing challenge. You will hike through diverse climates from cloud forests to mighty Mountain passes, crossing crystalline rivers and admiring breathtaking snowcapped peaks. Definitely a rewarding lifetime experience which perfectly complementizers the visit to another wonderful destination, Machu Picchu.


While other trekking routes have their own enchantments, visiting Machu Picchu through this less-crowded trek will irrevocably capture your attention from the beginning. Along this quieter route, you will feel the authentic spirit of the Andes passing through scenic valleys, mountains, snow-covered peaks and numerous lakes surprising you with its dazzling colors and location; before encountering traditional Andean communities that remain almost unchanged for the last hundreds of years conserving their millenary old-style weaving and farming practices while wearing their typical clothing. Nowadays, this trail is still being used by local people and it is common that you see children or women with their colorful skirts and hats doing their usual activities such as working on their crops or herding their llamas and alpacas. Also, you can support them by buying their homemade textiles or providing school supplies for their children.

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