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How will the new tourism be like after the pandemic, the new normality 

There are so many changes each day and country by country that to define how is really going to be tourism after this pandemic is not very responsible. There are many variables in the tourism huge area that in the time, maybe in the middle future this will be defined as fixed and even at that moment.

Tourism is all the time changing, so, there is no much more to say regarding changes since tourism never

As Market Watch says. – The larger question is really what constitutes the medium term. How many months, or years after Covid-19 has subsided will it take for the adventure travel industry to restore to its former levels of operational capacity? If it is only a matter of months, then the majority of tour operators may perhaps be able to absorb such a financial impact. However, if it is going to be a matter of years,
tour operators across the globe may not have the financial runway to absorb such a shock. We may then see the contraction of the adventure travel industry.

What is going to be very clear and true is that all tourism companies in all countries of the world are going to restructure all their internal processes and services, taking into account global needs “The new normal” is a very commonly used phrase in these moments and is because these new events that are changing our lives and our way to see our experiences and point of view of how we are proceeding to different thins; how we are having our day by day; how we are watching our business and all the persons that are involved in the same, both outside and inside the business and the thing is that we will have to change almost all our process and treatment to our clients. We do have to create new alternatives in order to satisfy our clients, our internal staff, and the rules the governments are demanding from us As mentioned, one of the most commonly used phrases today is the “new normal.” While we seem to be getting comfortable with the fact that the “normal” will be new, the ideas about what it will be are still very blurred. One central piece of that hazy post-crisis future is the new traveler – the traveler who will be impatient to embark on a new adventure but will be different. How different? extremely different as his life is involved in what he is planning to do; he is planning to experience and that maybe, could change his life.


As day by day people is changing their life in all kind of customs, as a real sample to allow custom as a case as to interact with their farmers and choose the product they want to buy in real-time as well as to see the farm where their fruits or vegetables are grown. In that way, the passengers will need and select with too much care, all the variables that his trip will be and that not to put in danger him.

Now, one of the priorities will be the security and hygiene as a Must, as non-negotiable, and also to see a traveler in the expectations for care as a key element of the service. In many ways, social distancing has translated to physical distancing, but social closeness is improving. This closeness and care for each other is something that everybody to remain event pot COVID Such precautionary measures may include the wearing not only face masks, the perpetual use of hand sanitizer, and many tourists may also choose to travel to destinations within a drivable distance of where they live to avoid flying which may increase their chances of contracting the virus. This could serve for the growth in regional travel and tourism, not just within the adventure tourism industry but in the tourism industry as a whole.

Finally, countries that are far away from their tourism segment or in another continent, must have to convince their target passengers that they will be very well with all the care for their great experience.

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