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Holidays in Peru

As a diverse and cultural country Peru has plenty of holidays and celebration ongoing all year long. Here you can find the perfect list for you to know what do, what to expect and what to avoid in case your getaway to Peru is matching any of this dates:

Religious Easter: 

As a catholic country Easter is very a relevant and an important event for Peruvians, note that major celebrations take place between Easter Thursday, Friday and Sunday.
There are still many traditions followed by religious people as much as people respecting traditions. In Lima is a costume to visit 7 churches on Easter Thursday and also in every part of Peru people would only eat fish on Easter Friday following the catholic representation that Jesus was crucified on this day.   While in Lima the traditions are still being followed, the capital remains busy and you will not encounter mayor inconvenient touring around; in contrast in Ayacucho massive celebrations are taking place, it is probably the most beautiful festivity of this department and the biggest Easter celebrations of Peru, so if you are interest to have a closer look you may want to visit the city and witness all this display of color, dances and lots of food. Although, you should know that the festivities last one week and a half so you may choose your dates correctly, also you must know that the entire city will be focus on the Easter activities and you may have trouble booking an accommodation so it is highly recommendable to do it with much anticipation. In Cusco things are not that different celebrations are smaller and the tourism is not affected at all. If anything the fact to see saints getting in and out of the Cathedral with fireworks and many followers gives a different perspective of the city and you cannot avoid the feeling of being part of this cultural display that has remain alive through all these years. In Cusco is also accustomed to prepared 12 dishes during Easter Thursday and Friday, that you may want to try.

Wonderful Christmas:

One of the most beautiful holidays and it get closer to this date houses will be decorated with lights and representations of the birth of little Jesus
Even though in some other countries Christmas is only celebrated on the 25th here in Peru the celebrations start on the 24th with dinner and then at midnight a mayor display of fireworks will resound all over Peru. On the 24th you will see that all cities remain alive and more calm on the 25th where everyone is having leftovers of the previous night, eating “Paneton” with hot chocolate, a tradition that may not have been Peruvian but every family follows. In Cusco one of the most beloved fairs open for one time only on the24th, it is very special to see this old ladies coming to the main square from different and far communities to sell their products and flowers, for the ones looking to enjoy of living culture this is the perfect spectacle that cannot be missed.

Cheerful New Years Eve

While Christmas remains a familiar event, New Years is a massive party all around Peru. So it is recommended to enjoy of a delicious dinner that you may need to book in advanced firstly and then find a good location where to see the midnight fireworks display, this might be overwhelming for many as it is a little intense and crowded. Afterward, the cities will be alive with many people running to different places to celebrate the end of the year and the starting of a new one. Here in Peru “Kabalas” are extremely important so you will see people dress on yellow looking for prosperity or even red for the ones seeking love for the new year. 
Mancora is one the nicest place to spend New Year’s Eve by the beach and the vibes of the whole town are special and vibrant on this time. Also Cusco, remains a beautiful option where you may choose to book a New Year dinner in one of the restaurant of the plaza and have access to their balcony to see the events as in Cusco people gather in the middle of the main square and as the clock ticks midnight people runs all around the square to have luck for the whole upcoming year.

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